You Reap What You Sow

G’day everyone, hope you’re all doing well… This whole Coronavirus situation is feeling a bit more like my dad phrased it last night, “the end of the third quarter of a footy game… You’re absolutely spent from the first three quarters, but now you’ve got another one to go!”. I thought he was pretty on the money there… anyway, we just have to keep going, keep doing all we can.

So, on to the article! As a more common way to put the title… ‘the more effort you put in, the better the reward”. Whatever you do, the more effort you put in, the better the reward will be, hence the saying ‘you reap what you sow’, in relation to farmers, the more effort they put in, the more seeds they spread, the larger yields they will reap.

First of all I must say, I do agree there are elements of our lives which are completely out of our control, for example, other people’s thoughts and behaviours, weather, or genetics, we cannot control this. I can also appreciate the perspective that there may be a higher power which has some form of ‘say’ in the events of our lives… however on a whole, the direction we take our life is in our control. And so too, what is certain is that our effort, our willpower, our drive to succeed, that is completely up to us, with this, anything is achievable.

I could talk with regards to school, but that is pretty straight forward… at school, if you want to get a specific result, you memorise the content as much as you can, and deep down we all know how much work we need to do for this result. Instead, let’s talk about the future, careers and successes… that’s one thing that school doesn’t really teach us, in fact most of the people my age who I’ve spoken to, are quite lost on this front! I mean personally, I know how to draw the structural formula for ethane, methane, propane, you name it… but I’d have no clue of the complicated processes of buying a house.

Whilst out in the big wide world there are countless facets of life contrasting to the bubble of schooling, there is one thing that remains entirely under our control… our effort, drive and dedication, and we all know that. Subsequently, (whilst this is not entirely, but very closely correlated with effort) the rewards we seek will come, and if they don’t come, there is a very real possibility you just aren’t putting in enough effort, or possibly there are external factors at play. However, it is likely the former.

There are times when dad has questioned me over if I should go out and party when I have work the next day, because if I do go out, that will mean I certainly won’t be able to work at my best ability, and so consequently I’m not putting in enough effort. That’s the facts, just showing up to work isn’t nearly enough to get you to where you want to be.

If it’s a physically demanding job like working on a construction site, it’s doing more than all the people around you, it’s skipping lunch breaks and staying around an hour or two longer than everyone else… In the office, it’s arriving first and leaving last… If it’s playing a professional sport, it’s doing more than all your teammates or competitors. Ultimately, it’s giving your one hundred percent effort, it’s doing more than everyone around you, more than even the top 1% do… that’s how you stand out, and that’s how you reap the rewards that only the top 1% are able receive.

You may be thinking, ‘well how do you know this about work Ash, you’re only 17’, and I wouldn’t blame you… But I have purely been brought up in a way where for as long as I can remember, in anything you do good, you should take pride in it, anything you do bad, take responsibility for it, but specifically in the workforce, go over and above whatever you’re asked to do. No one ever said giving your best effort is easy, but it is simple. First, do more than others expect you to do. Then, start doing more than even you expect yourself to do.

3 thoughts on “You Reap What You Sow

  1. Very wise words and such maturity from a man your age! We tried to teach our sons the same morals and sense of responsibility and I am happy to say they do a pretty good job. “Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin. I have a feeling your words reflect your actions.

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