You Are The Emotions Inside You

This topic’s a little hard to put into words, but stick with me, because this is one of which I am super passionate about…

If I were to squash a tomato, what would come out? Tomato. If I were to poke and prod at a banana, eventually, banana would start to come out. Now I get it, these are some weird analogies, but we can actually relate this, to our own lives!

If you have built up anger, regret or maybe sadness, when life pokes you, when a difficulty surfaces, what will come out of you is anger, regret, or sadness. Why do people sometimes have outbursts of anger? Because inside them, they are angry, they are frustrated, unsatisfied. When life pokes and prods at you, whatever emotion you have inside you will come out.

The best way, I believe, of us controlling the emotions which enter and leave our mind stems from acceptance and gratitude. First must come acceptance, then gratitude. This is the acceptance that life is difficult, yet once we accept this, life is no longer difficult”. When we realise that challenges and difficulties are merely a part of our lives as much as the good times of fun, love and laughter are, we really start to take the good with the bad.

Then comes gratitude, which opens the gateway to perspective. Being truly grateful for the simplest things allows us the perspective in tough times, to see that “oh okay, this really isn’t that bad, things could be worse” and so we see the broader picture, that the lives we have are really quite spectacular.  

So back to the analogy, when we can be truly grateful for what we have, when a trying situation comes to life, what will come out of us, what we will react with, is calm, gratitude, and ultimately peace of mind, which is ever so important in the busy confusion of this era.

There’s also certain types of people who have goals, and are relentlessly determined to reach them, and this is equally as powerful in responding to adversity as is gratitude and acceptance. It excites me talking about determination, because people with this special drive, when they set a goal and will stop at nothing until they get there, these people thrive off setbacks, obstacles, challenges.

Additionally, in achieving goals, gratitude and acceptance is the bare minimum in order not to be disheartened or give up. However having fierce determination to succeed is the factor that will level you with the best, because when the obstacles that inevitably arise along the journey actually surface, you’ll become 10 times hungrier to reach the end goal. That’s what the best of the best do, they’re so determined that they actually thrive off the obstacles along the way, launching themselves into completely new heights whilst everyone else is still complaining that there is a block in the road, they’re finding new ways around it.

Ultimately, it’s your decision how you see the world. You can live through expectation and entitlement or gratitude and perspective, the latter pair being the emotions which give you the best peace of mind when the setbacks or challenges along the journey of life arise. Just remember, whatever emotions are inside you will be released when life pokes and prods at you, so make sure it’s nothing but happiness, love and determination!

Any feedback is welcome! Let me know what you think about the post...

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