We Are All In This World Together…

It’s amazing, the world. Incredible really. The chances of everything coming together to provide perfect balance of temperature, gravity and weather conditions, and then the chances of us being born… We’ve more chance of getting struck by lightning 14 times than being born!

400 TRILLION to ONE. Moreover, every single one of us is unique in our own way, we all live different lives, and all have different perspectives, but the one similarity we ALL have, is that we are all in this world together, as living miracles.  

I see kindness as one of the most disregarded and/or underrated things in the modern world. This is not to say it is not there, as it really is everywhere, but in the grand scheme of things, there is so much potential for more.

I see kindness as the steppingstone to societal unity, and happiness. Kindness is doing something to make someone else’s life better, whilst expecting nothing in return. This doesn’t necessarily mean the large acts to impress someone type of thing, but more so the very simple, unexpected and genuine acts.

I’ll tell you a story which awakened me to the power of humility and kindness… My grandma once asked me “Ash, what random acts of kindness have you done today?”, and it took me about 2 minutes to reply as I had to seriously think about the question! “I don’t think I’ve done anything”, I said. Nana then asked me, “how about this week?”, I paused and thought again… I can’t remember the exact reply, but I do remember that I could only tell her one thing I’d done in the last week, as a random act of kindness.

That was a bit of a shock, because it made me realise how little I was doing for others, and how much a could have been doing! Obviously I was trying to put a smile on people’s faces and being my chatty self, but in terms of random acts of kindness, that was a rarity in my day. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I just wasn’t thinking about it, I was consumed with schedules and tasks to complete.

Nana challenged me to doing one random act of kindness every day, and honestly, my whole perspective changed. Whilst some days I wouldn’t do one of these random acts of kindness, I was constantly on the lookout, and I actually felt myself be happier, because when you make others happy, it makes you feel happy! So, ask yourself, when the last time you did a random act of kindness?

Here’s 8 different ways we can show random acts of kindness

  1. Baking something for your neighbours (doesn’t matter if you don’t know them!)
  2. Saying ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’ to someone you walk past when on a walk
  3. Calling/facetiming a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  4. Randomly pick a small business/website and leave a positive review
  5. Give a compliment to as many people as you can
  6. Spontaneously clean the house so your family don’t have to do it
  7. Smile at a stranger
  8. Give the garbage truck driver a 6-pack of beer on Christmas Day

As I mentioned earlier, we are all in this world together, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than making someone’s day exponentially better, by a simple act of kindness. You have the power to do this, not only to one person, but to countless persons! Anyone you walk past! Whether it be one of the eight listed above, or your own unique act, It is an act you commit to make people feel better about the world they live in. It is not an act performed to change anything, but to inspire everything.  

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

6 thoughts on “We Are All In This World Together…

  1. A great blog Ash,
    When we do good for someone it also makes us feel good about ourselves, it motivates us to do more for our family, friends, neighbours and the wider community. A quote I love is:
    “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something, then I realised I am somebody” , it makes you think doesn’t it.
    Keep up the good work Ash.

  2. Excellent! Such a wise grandma and an even wiser grandson to take and apply her advice. I love quotes and here is one of mine that I think also applies. Not sure who wrote it, but Michael Jackson sang it:

    “I’m starting with the man in the mirror
    I’m asking him to change his ways…..
    If you want to make the world a better place
    Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

  3. I’m that ‘Nana’ and Ash makes me feel so proud. His random phone calls several times a week to chat about nothing and everything warm my heart. Ash sharing your thoughts, wishes, & hurts you might have experienced in your short life are making a difference.

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