The Quarantine Routine

Life in isolation, quarantine, lockdown, whatever you want to call it, it’s certainly different, to say the least. It’s easy to sleep in, it’s easy to sit in your room all day, and it’s easy to over-eat, sending your body and mind into an unhealthy, yet comfortable cycle.

However, being comfortable isn’t always what is best for us. In fact, being uncomfortable, that’s when growth happens. We are literally a living adaptation machine, and by sitting in your room all day watching YouTube with snacks at your temptation, unfortunately the only thing that is going to be adapting is your growing waist size! At the bare minimum, you should be sticking to your normal routine as best as possible. Don’t sleep in until midday. Wake up early, and go to bed early.

Complete the most important task of the day first. This may mean doing your exercise first, maybe it’s banging out a few paragraphs of an essay. Whatever important task you do, it will be whilst everyone else is sleeping, but you’re up at 7 with a clear mind and a fresh perspective, ready to tackle the day.

Our time in isolation is proving to be tricky, I agree, but do not forget in every situation, there is a positive. The positive of isolation is that this is an opportune time to improve any aspect of your life, whilst it may be a more complex time to do something new or sharpen your skills, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

It may be starting to eat healthier foods and completing 30 minutes of exercise every day, maybe it’s creating a website/blog, or maybe it’s learning how to play an old instrument in your house, there are ample opportunities to try something new. Just give it a go, cure your boredom with something productive, that way you might be able to walk out of the COVID-19 situation with a new found sense of accomplishment, or better, a new passion/hobby.

All in all, with this extra time on your hands, keep your brain ticking, your muscles moving, and your imagination bubbling. Every day we are able to get out of bed is a blessing and do not take this for granted, we should be realising this now more than ever!

Don’t waste days. Stay active, stay productive. You don’t want to wallow into a pit of comfort, this would be an unnecessary hole you dig for yourself, and one in which is ever so hard to get out of. Keep going, stick to a routine, and come out the other side of isolation the very best version of yourself. Remember, anything worth-while takes discipline, but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it!

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