The Motivation You Need To Become Your Fittest Self!

Well, as myself and one of my closest mates Will Mayhood kicked off our first run for the ‘May50k’ fundraiser for MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I thought it would be fitting to write this article and give you the motivation you need to either start your fitness journey, or stick with it! PS. Click here for the link to our fundraising page to help us reach out $5000 goal! Thank you to all who have contributed to such a worthy cause, we appreciate it beyond words <3

Also, you may be wondering what this graph at the top of the page is about? I’ll explain further in the article…

Anyway, fitness and exercise is a massive part of my life, and I also believe it changed the course of my life too… This is why it’s so important to me, and should be to everyone in the world, it truly can change your life completely!

A bit of backstory to why…

Between Year 7 and Year 9, I put on a lot of weight, was exercising probably only once a week, and to be honest, I constantly felt a massive lack of energy, and also motivation (to do anything). Not to mention, my self-confidence was absolutely shot.

Then, when I joined a high performance tennis program at the start of Year 10, my WHOLE lifestyle changed. I was playing tennis 6 days per week, for between 3 to 4 hours per day. Also strength and conditioning sessions were intertwined. This completely changed my life. I started to LOVE exercise and pushing myself to the limits, I got my confidence back, and believe it or not, my grades at school went UP, A LOT, despite having about 50% less time to do homework…  

Now this is why I would recommend to any person in the world, to prioritise fitness somewhere in their daily/weekly schedule. Before I started exercising heavily, I knew I felt pretty crap, but it didn’t seem to faze me too much because I didn’t realise how much I was actually missing out on, how much of the happiness of life that was truly passing me by.

A little side note: I too used to see all these magazines or advertisements saying, for example “with Jenny Craig, I lost 52 kg and now I feel amazing! I have so much more energy and I’m so much happier!” …I used to think it was a load of garbolo, however now I’ve actually experienced the fat loss, fitness journey, I can genuinely say, it is true, completely! It is actually almost hard to believe, but exercise makes a monumental difference in ones life, undoubtedly. Not to mention, you look better too 😉


  1. Put a plan in place  
    • The first step is to draw up a plan, depending on where you are on the fitness spectrum, plans may need to be longer or shorter, however the longer your plan goes for, the better. This is because (opposite to our ‘want’ of a quick fix) the longer you go through the fat loss phase, the easier it is to keep the weight off and be sustainable, because the actions you take to reach the goal actually become habits, and you have a much lesser risk of developing a bad relationship with food and binging. The ultimate goal is to be sustainable!
  2. Do it with a friend, or better, a group!
    • This is by far the best way to stick to your goals… If you have even that one person to exercise with, everything becomes so much easier! Firstly, because you both want to hang out with each other, so even if you don’t feel like exercising, you still do it anyway so you can see you friend/s! Secondly, it’s just great to have that support, to push you on and give you the motivation to stay the course!
  3. Accept it will not be easy  
    • Whether it be the start of the journey, or sticking to the plan and going the distance, no part of fat loss is easy. Even if you are already quite fit and are exercising to stay healthy in general, it’s never easy. However, it is unbelievably worth it, and plus, once you understand and accept that it isn’t going to be easy, the whole journey becomes exponentially easier. The road to your goals won’t be straight and wide, it will be curvy with roadblocks along the way, you’ll have temptations and times when you think ‘ah stuff it’, but if you understand that this is apart of the process and don’t give in to the little person on your shoulder, everything becomes exponentially easier to keep pushing forward.
  4. Learn to enjoy the struggle
    • This is another part intertwined with the above dot-point… If you start to love the pain, the burn in your body telling you to stop, but you keep going, once you can thrive off that sensation, you are seriously setting yourself up to endure and enjoy the course of your journey.
    • This is a graph that not only applies to the fitness journey, but to life.
      1. In terms of fitness journey: At the start, you are at your peak motivation. So ready and willing to make a serious change to your body.
        • Then, as the days go on, the motivation starts to drop, and things can feel a little pointless (the ultimate results you want won’t come in a month, it takes time!).
        • Then you start to plateau out, things feel repetitive, but if you haven’t given up at the first dip of motivation, this is the real challenge.
        • Then, you see that little up spirt on the graph? That represents the day everything gets better, everything becomes worth it, the day where you finally see all the hard work has paid off. That spirt is at the end, but it is important that you never lose sight of that spirt, because it will come if you stay the course.
      2. In terms of life: that graph demonstrates how things can be great at one moment of your life, and how everything can change very quickly.
        • The dip represents bad events which bring you down.
        • The plateau represents the slog which many of us will go through some point in our lives, just getting through, day by day…
        • But that little spirt at the end, that represents your life being restored back to normal, it represents the fact that “in the end, things always get better, and if things aren’t better, it’s not the end”.


  1. More self-discipline   
    • Exercising, and specifically, losing fat, takes an enormous amount of self-discipline. If you are on your journey and sticking to the plan, resisting temptations and completing every workout, you are inevitably going to be building your self-discipline. This is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
  2. More energy   
    • Exercise is proven to increase your energy levels by strengthening your cardiovascular system, thus, increasing the ability of the heart to pump blood, also increasing your metabolism.
  3. More drive  
    • This is a huge one. Exercise completely re-establishes your drive to succeed/achieve goals. It may be large scale goals, or little chores around the house, you become largely proactive and get things done WAY more efficiently!
  4. Better sleep   
    • Contributing to a more sound and restful sleep, exercise throughout your day will increase the amount of time spent in NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep, also more commonly known as ‘deep sleep’. In this stage of sleep, your body repairs its muscles and restores its immune system… Hence why the more physical activity you do throughout the day, the more time you will spend in NREM sleep! You’ve got more bodily functions to repair!
  5. Happier (chemically proven!)  
    • This is the most common benefit of exercise… When you exercise, the brain is releasing chemicals called ‘beta-endorphins’, in which are simply known as the happy chemical. They improve your sense of wellbeing and consequently, happiness. Hence the reason why you probably feel so good after exercising!

Well there you have it legends, this was a bit of an informational as well as motivational post, but nevertheless, get up and get going!! No matter your age, it’s never too late to start… Exercise can change your life, it sure has changed mine 😊

Stay safe!

Any feedback is welcome! Let me know what you think about the post...

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