The Art of Growing Up

It’s been about 5 days between posts now, so a little bit longer than I would have liked to release this one, but I wanted to take my time with it and get it right, it’s super important, and relatable.

Growing up is hard, sure. But it’s also exciting, and frankly amazing if you approach it right. It’s the time when we start to find ourselves, find who we are, and find who we want to be. It is also the time when we may have our first love, form the first of our meaningful life-long friends, and when we first gain a stronger sense of control over our lives. It’s a time of unknown, and completely new things overall.

However in our minds, what we really do when growing up, put simply, we grow. Or more explicitly, we toughen the f**k up! And there is no choice. Once you are out under ‘mummy’s wing’, and you’ve got to get out there into the real world, creating your success on your own, you have one of two choices to make. Whether you choose to be tough, or whether you choose to deny the fact you are on your own. They are two choices everyone makes at some point when growing up, and that’s one of the main realisations I have had so far. It’s like a saying my grandpa has been loving lately…

“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”


NO ONE, and I mean no one, is going to change your life for you. You may get help along the way, but ultimately, if you don’t put in the work, you’ll go nowhere.

Now, I realise that this is an undeniably hard truth, but it is completely your choice whether to sulk about this, or get on with it, pushing on through the bumps. You may see this as a slightly harsh view, but we simply do not have time to be sitting around wallowing in our self-pity! Life is precious, it is short, and it is a complete privilege to be here!

The way I look it is like this, very similar to animals living in the wild, “eat, or be eaten”. This is not to say be ruthless in your behaviours, but this is to say we do not have time to ruminate over anything. You grow up, toughen up, and get on with whatever mission you have set your mind to. Moreover, never forget that no matter your age, you are never to young to start paving your path to a successful future.  

If I had to give 5 tips of advice to master the art of growing up, it’d be this:

  1. Be proactive: This is one of the big things which will separate you from the pack immediately. Young people tend to wait to be told what to do before they do something. Instead, ask questions, do things off your own merit, and do them with haste. Don’t just leave the task ‘until tomorrow’.
  2. Set goals and take risks: Whilst you’re young, it’s the best time to take risks! Come up with business ideas, put them into action and see where it takes you. Take advantage of not having children, mortgages to pay off, or any of the responsibilities that usually take over your life in your thirties. Why not start, right now!
  3. Be yourself: Everyone is different, always have been, and always will be. Be yourself, don’t try to please everyone and changing your behaviours to suit others’ needs! “Don’t be a salad, be the best goddamn broccoli you can be!”.
  4. Set random challenges: Physically, I set random challenges all the time. Whether it be diet challenges or weird 4 week challenges such as attempting to run 200km total, in a month, I don’t do them for any external praise. It’s for the internal approval I receive, it allows me to see how much I am capable of, you can never stop improving or breaking boundaries. Engage in challenges where you do it PURELY because it is difficult!
  5. Balance all your personal growth with some fun: Whilst your young, live a little… keep your eyes on the prize though!

Any feedback is welcome! Let me know what you think about the post...

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