The Ability To Keep Going In The Face Of Adversity: Resilience

Resilience is undoubtedly one of the most important values oneself can hold. It empowers you with the feeling that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always be able to rise again. It is the ability to be knocked down seven times and get back up eight. It’s the ability to persevere when your mind is telling you not to. It is a skill, an adaptive mode of thinking defined by your outlook, and your response.

The thing about resilience is that like anything important, it takes time, it is gradually learned. If you don’t have it now, you can’t just all of a sudden go to the shop and buy it. You have to practice it, day in day out. This applies to everyone on the planet no matter what level of resilience you have, practice this skill every day, this means practicing moving on, getting back up. Practicing the art of thriving under pressure, under stress, under challenge. This is resilience, never giving up.

“Do not judge me on my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”

-Nelson Mandela

Resilience is a big part of who I am, and gratitude. I suppose they work hand in hand in a way. I remember when I was in grade 2 or 3 at primary school, they’d have these awards given out at assembly (one per class), and I remember I hadn’t got one all year; I was the kid whose school report always said ‘gets distracted often’, so I thought that’s why, because I was disruptive to the teacher in class…

Anyway, I guess I was just sick of not getting an award! So I think I must’ve made a conscious effort to be better in class, and then a few weeks later finally my name got called out at an assembly! I was expecting the award to be for ‘good listening’ or ‘good contributor to the class’ (something common), however it was actually an award for resilience. I’d never heard of a resilience award be called out before, so I was sort of excited… I can’t remember exactly what it said, but the moral of the story is, that was the first time I ever thought like, ‘wow, maybe this is something I’m really good at, maybe this is something about my personality that stands out, resilience’, and I was super proud.

Now ever since, I’ve always just held the view that no matter what happens to me in my life, I’ll never give up, I’ll be unbreakable. Some may say that’s naïve; I say it’s determined. The view that I can wholeheartedly say that no matter what challenges arise, I’m going to be successful, and won’t stop until I get there. Then I guess the gratitude part comes in to play, my parents worked way too hard for me not to be great.

Sometimes it’s better to judge peoples success not by the awards, not by the trophies, not by the stuff, but by how many times they can get knocked down and get back up again. That’s what counts, how strong your character is, how much you can take, In the words of Rocky Balboa…

Resilience is a big thing in life. It’s the one internal value that encourages each and every one of us to get back up again when we’re down, it pushes you to do more, ignites the fire in your belly to overcome. It’s an amazing trait, and once it is mastered your life will change forever!!

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