Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success

In a time like no other, with COVID-19 lockdowns all across the globe, we must keep the faith in what we are doing, we must stay the course with the processes in place despite the unprecedented surroundings of all things relating to Coronavirus.

Yet keeping the faith is not only related to the virus, it is in fact important in our lives, and is an integral part of success. If we merely just quit when it gets hard, there’d be no progress in the world, for all growth is born through adversity, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

So many people fail at the point of success, which is the saddest part of all. In the journey for success, there’ll be hardships, there’ll be obstacles and setbacks, but only the weak stop at these hurdles. You’ve just got to keep going, keep the faith that what you’re doing is worth it. Of course if something isn’t working, you change it up, however you should keep changing it up until you succeed. Quitting just isn’t an option.

So too is it that often that the hardest times lead to the greatest moments, yet in these moments of darkness, we feel the opposite, that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, that all your hard work may be for nothing, but in reality, we never know what’s around the corner, it may be the best thing that ever happens to you. This is why you’ve just got to keep pushing, keep trying, a winner is just a failure who tried one more time.

Bringing it back to our COVID-19 situation, in Australia, we are close to being on the verge of the downward portion of the curve, hence why we need to keep the faith and stick to the system, we are almost at the point of success.

You see what is so great about hardships such as the one we are ALL going through right now is that it unlocks humility, humanity, and learning. We are now seeing more and more of the world open up their hearts to kindness, rallying around each other. Whether it be supporting the healthcare workers on the front line, producing hand sanitizers and face masks in bulk, or even people creating social media challenges, the world is undoubtedly rallying together, making these dark times of loss seem all the more bearable.

Keep the faith, our job isn’t done yet. So many fail at the point of success.

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