If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I am only young, but I can already see that there are very clear distinctions between the average, and the great, in terms of success. Now, we all have different versions of what success looks like, whether it be career success, sporting success, financial success, or maybe it’s just success to do with building strong, meaningful relationships in your life…

Well, whatever type of success you may be measuring, the difference between you being just average, and you being great, all comes down to how you respond to challenge and adversity. The average will hide and run away from challenge, the great run towards it, because they know without challenge, there is no growth.

Let’s use an example, say, in the fitness world. You want to change your body and become healthy, look good and feel good. Well when you’re planning your routine and diet, it’s so exciting. You get all motivated and determined to commit to the goal, and for the first few weeks it’s awesome. You’re sticking to the plan and seeing some slight results of all your hard work…

But then the motivation starts to drop, you’re feeling a bit tired, feeling like the results aren’t coming as fast as you want them to, and it’s starting to really feel like a hard slog. This is an inevitable yet huge challenge in anyone’s fitness journey, and it is here where the challenge exposes the average from the great. It is also here, where you have to keep going, smash that barrier and know that on the other side of the challenge, is some form of success.

If being successful was easy, everybody would be successful, and being successful would no longer have the same special meaning to it. It’s not a case of ‘you’ve either got it or you don’t’, it’s a case of ‘who can break the challenges and deal with adversity the best, who will never give up’, they’re the ones that succeed.

If you are in the midst of striving for a goal, or maybe you’re just starting the process, seek the challenges. Seek the difficulties. When it gets really hard, and you’ve got the decision to quit in the palm of your hands, do not back down. Take pride in the fact that you are pushing through, forcing your mind and body to strengthen, and know that on the other side of the pain is undeniable accomplishment.

You see, nothing really important or worthwhile in terms of success, is going to be easy. It takes time. Years, decades even, but the harder it is, the better it will feel. That’s how you have to look at it. Not only this, but the harder it is, the stronger your character will be when everything is all said and done. Just because it gets hard, doesn’t mean you should stop, in fact when it gets hard, you should ramp up your effort tenfold. Let your mind know that despite the challenge, you won’t go away.

You are literally able to make sure your brain is wired to confront challenge head on, to not run away, and the only way to re-wire your brain this way is by doing it more, confronting more challenge. Letting your brain know that you aren’t going away, so it better get stronger, or else it will just keep going through the pain. If you are pushing through challenge, you are forcing your mind to adapt, forcing it to strengthen, but if you are giving up, you’re giving it an indication of how you will deal with challenge in the future, allowing it to see that when things get hard, you give up, so there is no reason for it to grow and strengthen.

You can do it, you can, but it is going to be hard. The fact that it is hard however, that’s what counts!

Don’t run away from challenges if you want to succeed. When challenge arises, never give up. Period.

Ash Hill

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