I can tell you right now, I used to hate change. I loved just doing similar things every day, I loved eating the same cereal every day, having the same lunch, if my family were on holiday at our beach house, I loved just going to the beach every day, I didn’t want to go explore new places. Same routine, same foods, same experiences, on and on and on. And you know what I found? There was no growth, just me living in a little comfort bubble.

When my parents split up as I was going into year seven however, this was a whole lot of change… From transitioning to a new school, to selling the family home, to living with another family, and also the constant change that came with having to travel between houses twice, sometimes three times a week. That was massive for me. Whilst it was hard, I had overwhelming growth in my mentality.

What I have realised, is that whilst change can be hard, it gives us an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to become a better version of ourselves, to develop, to become stronger, as the living adaptation machines we are, if we are hit with change, we adapt to be able to better suit the circumstances.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the most adaptive to change”

Charles Darwin

It is similar to adversity, where when adversity strikes, you can choose to let it control you, or you control it. You can sit around wafting in your own self-pity, or you can decide to push on and adapt to the circumstances, to grow tougher mentally and/or physically.

A simple example of humans adapting to change and adversity in our lives is occurring right now, bigger than ever. The Coronavirus has most countries locked down, limiting the amount of times we can leave the house. Now, we can choose to feel unfortunate, like we are missing out on something we are entitled to have, and stay still in one spot, just waiting for this to be over. Or you can completely discard that, and realise how fortunate you actually are, let this inspire you to do something productive!

Drop the entitlement, everything in life is a privilege, if you still have a roof over your head, some hot water in the shower, maybe even as simple as if you’ve got a dishwasher, you’re not doing too bad at all. We can choose to say “why me?” OR you can choose to adapt, get on with it, try something new and learn a new skill. Out of every difficulty there is always a positive, an opportunity. Use this to do something positive with this time in quarantine.

Maybe it’s challenging yourself in the fitness world, or it could be technology, finances, starting a side-hustle, maybe it’s cleaning up your house or learning to cook. If you have come out of this situation with having done nothing productive, nothing to better yourself or the people around you, then you have not got a lack of time, you have a lack of discipline.

Change is good, it is easy to run away from, but change is the building block of adaptation, of growth. We all want to be great. But not all of us want the hard times which you have to go through to get there. It’s a choice, you can either stay in your comfort zone your whole life, or you can grow. The second option is harder, but nothing worth while ever comes easy. Keep going!!

2 thoughts on “Change…

  1. This post really speaks to me, keep up the great work. I will share it with my kids and family.

  2. So very true! Change is not easy! Getting our from our comfort zone is not easy but most of the time is so well worth it!
    We could spend our time complaining or we can choose to make something useful and grow!
    Very well said!

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