Dream… And Dream Big.

The future is scary, but it’s also exciting. Extremely exciting. Why? Because anything is possible, and it’s in your hands with what you want to do. I’m dreaming big. I want to be the best psychologist and life coach that I can be, I dream of working with the

Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…

We’ve all felt it at some point, whether it be the overwhelming emotion of loneliness, or just a mere sense that it’s there, that’s what a lack of social contact will do to us. It’s hard because you know you’re not alone, but sometimes you can just feel so lonely! And there’s a big differenceContinue reading “Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…”

Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success

In a time like no other, with COVID-19 lockdowns all across the globe, we must keep the faith in what we are doing, we must stay the course with the processes in place despite the unprecedented surroundings of all things relating to Coronavirus. Yet keeping the faith is not only related to the virus, itContinue reading “Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success”

Why Is Discipline So Important?

You see, the thing about discipline is that without it, we will always stay in our comfort zones. Yet whilst everyone naturally seeks comfort, if you live your life in the comfort zone, you’ll never grow as a person. Some people very may well stay enclosed in their little bubble of comfort for their wholeContinue reading “Why Is Discipline So Important?”

The Quarantine Routine

Life in isolation, quarantine, lockdown, whatever you want to call it, it’s certainly different, to say the least. It’s easy to sleep in, it’s easy to sit in your room all day, and it’s easy to over-eat, sending your body and mind into an unhealthy, yet comfortable cycle. However, being comfortable isn’t always what isContinue reading “The Quarantine Routine”

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