Brain Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Mind

This is equally, if not MORE important than the rest of the content, because if you can’t take care of your mind, you won’t be able to sustain anything moderately challenging.


What is the one thing that ALL of the most successful people in the world have? It is the very same thing that, without it, you cannot even become successful!

Choose Your Friends Wisely…

I’ll jump straight into it with this one… There are 2 reasons I’ll discuss, for why you must choose your friends wisely.

We Are All In This World Together…

It’s amazing, the world. Incredible really. The chances of everything coming together to provide perfect balance of temperature, gravity and weather conditions, and then the chances of us being born… We’ve more chance of getting struck by lightning 14 times than being born!

Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…

We’ve all felt it at some point, whether it be the overwhelming emotion of loneliness, or just a mere sense that it’s there, that’s what a lack of social contact will do to us. It’s hard because you know you’re not alone, but sometimes you can just feel so lonely! And there’s a big differenceContinue reading “Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…”


I can tell you right now, I used to hate change. I loved just doing similar things every day, I loved eating the same cereal every day, having the same lunch, if my family were on holiday at our beach house, I loved just going to the beach every day, I didn’t want to goContinue reading “Change…”

Nothing Is Ever As Good, Or As Bad, As It Seems…

In our lives, when times are great, we feel amazing, like it will go for ever… And when times are bad, we always see them as really bad. Yet what reality is, is that nothing is ever as good, or as bad as it seems. When everything is crumbling around you and you’re feeling aContinue reading “Nothing Is Ever As Good, Or As Bad, As It Seems…”

Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success

In a time like no other, with COVID-19 lockdowns all across the globe, we must keep the faith in what we are doing, we must stay the course with the processes in place despite the unprecedented surroundings of all things relating to Coronavirus. Yet keeping the faith is not only related to the virus, itContinue reading “Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success”

Living With Divorced Parents:

There are a bloody lot more marriages splitting up nowadays than there were 40 years ago, and unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m one of the kids whose parents who are in this category. If your parents are divorced too, you can probably relate to this. If they aren’t, I’m sure you’d be interested to see whatContinue reading “Living With Divorced Parents:”

Don’t Waste Opportunities For Temporary Comfort…

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” William Arthur Ward Opportunity is the one thing that will arise in any difficult situation. However whilst you may have an abundance of difficult times, the opportunity within is often the hardest to realise. Opportunity is the intangible gold, and the key toContinue reading “Don’t Waste Opportunities For Temporary Comfort…”

Introducing Me

Hey legends how are we today! I’m Ash and welcome to Me2You. I thought I’d write the first article as a little introduction to myself and the purpose of the blog, so you get to know what we’re about here! I’m a young bloke from Melbourne, Australia, going through my final year of school atContinue reading “Introducing Me”

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