What We Need Now, More Than Ever…

Gday legends, It’s been a while, I know! I hope you’re all happy and healthy, wherever on this planet you may be reading from. Here in Victoria, Australia, we’ve just had the ‘second wave’ of Coronavirus cases come through and now we are back into total lockdown, shut off from all travel outside of MetropolitanContinue reading “What We Need Now, More Than Ever…”

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

In this situation of constant change (and a bit of unknown!), it links perfectly to the title. However we cannot change the situation, it’s purely out of our hands, and in that we have a real opportunity to learn a fundamental principle which will help you all throughout life…


What is the one thing that ALL of the most successful people in the world have? It is the very same thing that, without it, you cannot even become successful!

The Art of Growing Up

It’s been about 5 days between posts now, so a little bit longer than I would have liked to release this one, but I wanted to take my time with it and get it right, it’s super important, and relatable. Growing up is hard, sure. But it’s also exciting, and frankly amazing if you approachContinue reading “The Art of Growing Up”

You Reap What You Sow

G’day everyone, hope you’re all doing well… This whole Coronavirus situation is feeling a bit more like my dad phrased it last night, “the end of the third quarter of a footy game… You’re absolutely spent from the first three quarters, but now you’ve got another one to go!”. I thought he was pretty onContinue reading “You Reap What You Sow”

The Ability To Keep Going In The Face Of Adversity: Resilience

Resilience is undoubtedly one of the most important values oneself can hold. It empowers you with the feeling that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always be able to rise again. It is the ability to be knocked down seven times and get back up eight. It’s the ability to persevere when yourContinue reading “The Ability To Keep Going In The Face Of Adversity: Resilience”

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I am only young, but I can already see that there are very clear distinctions between the average, and the great, in terms of success. Now, we all have different versions of what success looks like, whether it be career success, sporting success, financial success, or maybe it’s just success to do with building strong,Continue reading “If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It”

You Are The Emotions Inside You

This topic’s a little hard to put into words, but stick with me, because this is one of which I am super passionate about…
I’ll start with an analogy, if I were to squash a tomato, what would come out? Tomato. If I were to poke and prod at a banana, eventually, banana would start to come out. Now I get it, these are some weird references, but we can actually relate this, to our own lives!


I can tell you right now, I used to hate change. I loved just doing similar things every day, I loved eating the same cereal every day, having the same lunch, if my family were on holiday at our beach house, I loved just going to the beach every day, I didn’t want to goContinue reading “Change…”

Nothing Is Ever As Good, Or As Bad, As It Seems…

In our lives, when times are great, we feel amazing, like it will go for ever… And when times are bad, we always see them as really bad. Yet what reality is, is that nothing is ever as good, or as bad as it seems. When everything is crumbling around you and you’re feeling aContinue reading “Nothing Is Ever As Good, Or As Bad, As It Seems…”

Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success

In a time like no other, with COVID-19 lockdowns all across the globe, we must keep the faith in what we are doing, we must stay the course with the processes in place despite the unprecedented surroundings of all things relating to Coronavirus. Yet keeping the faith is not only related to the virus, itContinue reading “Keep The Faith: So Many People Fail At The Point Of Success”

Don’t Blame The World For Your Problems.

Okay, this is a shorter article than usual, but it’s succinct and straight to the point, quite fitting to the title actually! The world is an unfair place, that’s just the way it is, and you can’t change it either, so there’s no point in complaining about it, and deep down we all know this.Continue reading “Don’t Blame The World For Your Problems.”

Why Is Discipline So Important?

You see, the thing about discipline is that without it, we will always stay in our comfort zones. Yet whilst everyone naturally seeks comfort, if you live your life in the comfort zone, you’ll never grow as a person. Some people very may well stay enclosed in their little bubble of comfort for their wholeContinue reading “Why Is Discipline So Important?”

Is Comparison The Biggest Killer Of Happiness?

As humans, we innately have the drive/want for more. It’s completely natural, but it is often the case where we constantly want something better than what we have at the time. This is comparison. We are comparing what we have, to what we don’t have.

To Guide You In Rocky Times: ‘Control What You Can Control’

Well, what a tricky time we are living in… I want to provide a way of thinking for you to practice, and there is no other better time than now, to do so. It goes by the saying, “control what you can control”.

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