Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…

We’ve all felt it at some point, whether it be the overwhelming emotion of loneliness, or just a mere sense that it’s there, that’s what a lack of social contact will do to us. It’s hard because you know you’re not alone, but sometimes you can just feel so lonely! And there’s a big difference between the two. Sometimes you want to be alone, but we never want to be lonely.

Yet as I have reiterated in all my past blogs, this too shall pass! Stay positive, always. Things will get easier, life will go back to normal, and we all know this, but it’s inevitably going to be tough until we get there, there’s no denying that. What you must do is stay mentally strong. Keep reminding yourself that in time, all will become clear, all will return to normality!

In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to not only stay sane, but entertained! Staying grateful is a great place to start. If you realise how lucky you are not only to have your health in a time like this, but to have countless resources at your disposal, technology being the major player, it’ll make it all the more easy to keep your chin up and actually use what you’ve got.

You can video chat people with an unbelievable range of sources, Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, Houseparty even! So get on and organise a time to video chat. Doing it with friends is good, but even after having only a few Zoom calls to my extended family (which usually I only really see once a year) has made a huge difference! It’s so refreshing to see their faces, just knowing they are from the same family. Whether they be in the UK or on the other side of Australia, it really enforces the fact that not only is everyone around the world in the same boat, but we are all in this together, here to support each other!

A side note to this is that the people that are most vulnerable to the virus are also the most vulnerable to loneliness. Give your grandparents a call, tell them you love them and see how they’ve been doing and do this often. You’ll be happier too, knowing you’ve probably just made their day.

Another key, which is ever so important, exercise. I’d even go so far to say that you should start challenging yourself with it, draw up a program for the next 6 to 8 weeks and get excited! Embrace the challenge! Do it with a friend too, a partner, even someone who you haven’t seen for a while… As long as you adhering to social distancing, you’re free build each other up and urge each other on! During rest times it’s also a great way to have proper conversations with your friends. Real life chats feel so much better than over a text message.

Just stay busy and productive, set out a weekly planner (I do it on my whiteboard), catch up with a friend to exercise if you can, maybe even think of a new project for yourself to take up some time after school hours, but most importantly, stay positive and don’t dwell on the situation, everything get’s better eventually!

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2 thoughts on “Ah, Lockdown Loneliness…

  1. Great advice Ash
    Probably a lot of young people and students feeling stress about re adjusting their lives

  2. Usually at this time of year, we are heading north. Unfortunately the borders are closed and so we stay in Victoria.

    So although not lonely, we are challenged by the thought that we cant do what we want. Our agegroup (older Aussies) are pretty susceptible to this virus, so we are taking care. We are so busy at Phillip Island, that we hardly have time to catch up on Netflix or similar.

    We walk 5 klms most days, and are committed to weight training. What’s that you say? yes, may as well get those punes working. Walk beaches when you can, or a decent park with lots of trees.

    So, there are lots of ways we are all effected, however, in 1919 lots of people your age (thousands) were called to the war effort. I know we have all heard about the suffering. But, just picture, being given a uniform, told to get on a ship, and 6 weeks later, you land on a foreign shore. Now, that would be loneliness.

    One thing we have got is a fantastic country in Australia. Go and hug a tree in a park, run 20, walk 20, and get around the tracks. We have to keep fit, because when all this is over we have to hit the place running. Doing all the lists of things we have made, that we want to do.

    Life passes us once. Make a really solid list of the things you want to achieve and how to go about them.
    Some headings could be Family Health Wealth Community Faith and draw a circle with your headings the same distance from the centre of the circle, and work out from 1-10 where you are at the moment.

    It will surprise you over the years how that circle goes from being the shape of a football, or flat disc, and as you get your life in balance, the shape of your goals will be a circle

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